Salomé – Athens Festival 2015

Nikos Karathanos – Markellos Chryssikopoulos


29-30 June & 1-2 July
A baroque drama, expertly performed by talented artists Nikos Karathanos and Markellos Chryssikopoulos, based on an erotic oratorio by Alessandro Stradella, combining baroque and oriental instrumentation by the Latinitas Nostra music ensemble.
“Considering baroque a melting pot where all contradictory concepts blend (the low and the noble, the comical and the dramatic), it is in this spirit that we present a look at Stradella’s St. John the Baptist. The work is an “erotic oratorio” – a term that was coined by musicologists to describe musical dramas with erotic aspects based on stories from The Bible, the Apocrypha or the Lives of the Saints, in order to give audiences of the time lessons on morality within an operatic framework. Salome is a theatrical production that stands at the crossroads between East and West.