Nafplion Festival

This year, the 22th Nafplion Festival, honors Greece and Greek culture and music, from time immemorial to the present creation. A “debt” that all of us at the festival feel that this is the way it should be, while the surrounding negative atmosphere that lingers in our country is the reason that we tend to forget who we were and who we are.

We start this year from ancient times, from Homer and his Odyssey by listening to the music of the staged play “Odyssey” by Bob Wilson, we continue by listening to the “Epitaph of Seikilos” by Danish musicians and we listen – and see- for the first time, Ancient Greek Instruments played by a top French musicologist, we travel to the wonderful world of the Ancient Symposium as it is presented by the great archaeologist Angeliki Kottaridi, we participate in the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of C.P Cavafy by the performance of the unique Lydia Koniordos  and, of course, we enjoy several different musical events with Greek and foreign artists.

It is the least of a tribute we can attribute to our wonderful country.

The dates of Nafplion Festival are from 21 to 30 June 2013 and we expect everyone of you to be there.

Artistic Director of Nafplion Festival, Janis Vakarelis